Services Offered

When it comes to finding treatment options, there are hundreds of choices. Gathering the best team for you and your family can make a big difference.  We take an individualized, family-centered approach to care and encourage families to take an active role in the care of their children.  Our goals are based on the goals of your child, family, and treatment team. We will collaborate with your family and treatment team to develop realistic goals and will create a unique plan to address your needs.


Music Therapy

Specific music therapy interventions (singing, songwriting, music improvisation, dancing, etc.) are developed and implemented based upon individualized goals and objectives. Available in a 30-60 minute session, typically once a week.

  • Individualized goals and objectives.
  • Works in conjunction with other treatment team members.
  • At-home and clinic sessions available.
  • Increase self-esteem, communication, attention span, language concepts, eye contact, leadership skills, creative expression, motor skills, and more.

Music Therapy

Social skills groups

Available for 2-5 peers in 45 or 60-minute session per week. Based on the abilities of the group members, sessions focus on proper social interaction, eye contact, sharing, teamwork, and taking turns, all in the context of group music making.

  • Addresses social skills while working on individual goals.
  • Includes typical peers.
  • Matches groups of similar-aged persons and diagnoses.
  • Goals such as group participation, collaboration, turn-taking, negotiating, sharing, and social integration..

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Music Enrichment

A quality music curriculum which can complement schools, child development centers, and organized group functions such as play groups and community outreach programs. For children with and without special needs, starting at 14 months. Classes are 30 minutes, typically once a week.

  • A FUN approach to learning.
  • Quarterly progress reports and updates on your child .
  • Session material based on classroom curriculum and themes.
  • Develops self-awareness, confidence, readiness skills, social behavior, and more..

Abby playing guitar


We offer collaborative treatment as an effective way to incorporate music more therapeutically in your sessions/classrooms. Using augmentative devices, adaptation of equipment, and various teaching strategies, we develop techniques that will lead to successful inclusion.

  • For parents, schools, therapists, and classroom aides.
  • All personalized, original songs and activities.
  • Helps with transitions, behaviors, attention, learning, and more.

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Adapted Music Lessons

Intended for those who show an interest in learning an instrument but are not able to benefit from traditional music lessons. Adaptations such as color-coding, alternative music notation, visual aids, and improvisation decrease frustration and encourage a positive environment for success.

  • Lessons for piano, guitar, basic percussion, and voice.
  • Learn self-confidence, leisure skills, motor agility, motivation, and communication.
  • In-home and studio lessons available.

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Music Lessons

We teach both Suzuki and traditional styles on piano, guitar, violin, and voice.  Our students can choose classical, jazz, blues, and popular music, depending on interest.  We include music theory and history as well as fun games such as rhythm bingo, “Go Fish” with music notes, and more.

  • Beginning to late intermediate students accepted.
  • Available from age 4 and up.
  • In-home and studio lessons available.