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In order to understand what music therapy is, it helps to know what it is not. Ask someone on the street what music therapy is and you are likely to get all kinds of responses. Read below to see some common misconceptions about music therapy and what is truly is.




What is music therapy?

-It’s done by a trained and certified clinician.
-It’s designed specifically for the client, honoring their unique needs.
-It’s done with someone, not to someone.
-It’s a profession based on evidence that is gathered through scientific studies.
-It’s the intentional use of music to address non-musical goals.
-It’s functional and FUN…. best of all it works!

What it’s not

-It’s not teaching music lessons.
-It’s not when you relax to music that you like.
-It’s not using instruments to get out your feelings.
-It’s not when a musician receives therapy.
-It’s not when a music lady comes to entertain the clients.
-It’s not playing music for people so they feel better.


Brain-based reasons why music works as therapy:
-Music is a core function in our brain.
-Our bodies entrain to rhythm.
-Music taps into our emotions.
-Music helps improve our attention skills.
-Music enhances learning.
-Music is a social experience.
-Music is predictable, structured, and organized.
-People readily respond to music, from infancy to adult life.