Melissa is one of those rare people who can truly connect with children on their level. My two year old worked with Melissa for nearly a year and developed her blooming love for music over that time period. I know Melissa is passionate about her work, and the progress children make with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melissa to anyone with children. Easily worth spending the money.

– Chris

Ms. Melissa is wonderful and Skyler looks forward to attending class every week. We can’t help but believe that a lot of Skyler’s social, behavior, developmental, motor skills, concentration, patience (turn taking, etc), politeness, and fondness of music and dance is greatly attributed to Ms. Melissa and music therapy. We notice on numerous instances when Skyler is mimicking what he has learned in music therapy. I think we could all benefit from a little music therapy.

– Seana

My daughter’s involvement in Music Therapy served to further enhance her interest in singing and playing instruments. I believe it’s also helped her develop interpersonal skills through sharing & taking turns. Aside from the obvious social interaction that music therapy provides, I personally feel that music therapy helped lay a foundation for math and language development as well.

– Anita

I loved Ms Melissa’s program. Both of my children came home singing new songs and were excited about the opportunity to learn more about musical instruments. I was AMAZED by Melissa’s diligent follow-up with detailed progress reports that let me know how my kids were doing.

– Kelly

Thank you so much Melissa. Our family really enjoys your progress reports. I am so glad we found your program. Maliha looks forward to music all week long, and on Thursdays when we pick her up, she talks and sings non-stop for most of the weekend. I have no doubt that your class has helped Maliha progress with her communication skills; and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you again for bringing a little extra joy into my daughter’s life every week.

– Miranda

My child thoroughly enjoyed her “music day” at daycare. She was very excited to dance and play instruments. She brought a few homemade instruments home and still has so much fun using them. My husband and I loved the convenience of having Musical Bridges at daycare. We would highly recommend!

– Kelly

My two children have really enjoyed their experience with Ms. Melissa, and I have seen how they have benefitted thru improved social skills, concentration, and knowledge about instruments, and rhyming. It has been the highlight of their week!

– Courtney

Ellie is LOVING music class!!! She comes home and sings songs that you all have sung, and she’s been so proud of the instruments you all have made. In fact, that’s the only way I got her out the door this morning was by reminding her that she had to go to school today, because it was music day. Thank you So Much!!!

– Andrea

Miss Melissa taught my 5 year old piano for six months. She was very patient with her, and she found innovative ways to make the lessons fun and easier to understand for my daughter. She kept my daughter on task. She was very warm and compassionate towards my daughter. Mrs. Melissa exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend her.

– Kofi

I always love getting these progress report updates. So personal and in my opinion one of the greatest values of your service. Thanks so much!

– Veronica

Melissa rocks and my daughters love taking lessons with her. Melissa is very approachable and personable with children.

– Jonathan

Melissa has been teaching piano to my 6 yr old son for about a year now. I’m impressed with the progress he has made. I believe Melissa has the expertise to bring out the best in the kids. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a Piano teacher for their kids.

– Prakash

She helped shape my 3 year old kid’s music acumen, she has the uncanny ability to connect with kids, we are grateful to have her as a piano teacher.

– Bala

Glory has been part of Musical Bridges at ALC at loves the class and Ms. Melissa. She can’t wait to go to “school” on Mondays for music class. She sings at home and shares about new instruments and games. We’ve noticed that she pauses to listen to music and the words to songs. I highly recommend the program!

– Jamie

Melissa has an incredible talent to teach… She has created a wonderful environment where my daughters feel confident and enjoy the classes.

– Armando